Huffington Post comes to Australia

I have noticed a lot of chat online today about Huffington Post now setting up shop in Australia.
This was confirmed on blogs such as Mumbrella and many other news outlets. The funny thing is why would they want to come to the australian market?
Well to answer that question the Huffington Post currently gets 900,000+ visitors a month in the Australian market so it is an interesting market for the company who can obviously see opportunity in the market.
I did a who is check on the domain and it seems true that AOL which now owns Huffington post has acquired the domain name:

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Now the interesting thing to see will be how local news companies such as ninemsn and counter this move by the news giant Huffington post.
It will also be interesting to see if they run the website off the domain or if they choose to use the .com domain and make a sub folder/section.

Interesting times ahead for Australian media.

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