How will the Click Frenzy Australia Website go down tonight?

Today is an interesting day in Australian retailing because we will see the first combined “online” deals day. Basically what this means is we will see a “Cyber Monday” in the Australian market. I first noticed this website a month ago when a buddy of mine in the retail space said if I have ever heard of the website “click Frenzy”? at the time I said I have never heard of it! (see image below when I first started talking about this site in October)

I did some background checks and it seems Power Retail was behind it, Smart move by them as from my estimations on costs they have done very well from this website, it apparently costs between $500-$10,000 to get listed on this site, depending on how much presence you want (so especially they have made over 100,000+, sure website set up and hosting will cost a bit but its easily going to turn a big profit. Another question many users are asking is if the site will actually stay live during the launch and many estimate it will do down due to sheer influx of visitors!


Now I have looked at some of the metrics behind “Click Frenzy” too see what type of traffic they are getting and it seems if you bench mark them next to a very large Australian brand Optus they are gaining quite good awareness in the market.

With the top search terms to the click frenzy brand been:

1. Click Frenzy
2. Click Frenzy Australia
3. Click Frenzy Online
4. Click Sale


Another funny thing is all the brands who have used the “Frenzy” line in their advertising, some examples from the paid search below, the best one by far is Treadmill Frenzy, followed by Deal Frenzy and Christmas Frenzy. I am suprised they have not registered the Click Frenzy trademark with Google as every brand has free game to bid on these terms.


Overall it will be interesting too see if this website lasts till next year? Will we see the same thing in the US where started as and then all retailers set up a date to basically offer the deals and “leak” the deals online.

I will be shopping at 7pm tonight and on the look out for a deal or too, if you are shopping tonight please post below:

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