harveynormanbigbuys.com.au by Gerry Harvey needs some SEO help!

Today Gerry Harvey Launched his new e-commerce website Harvey Norman Big Buys. Any one in the business world has respect for Gerry becuase they know he is a veteran business man. But when releasing a new website you have to do it right!!

Here is a list of 10 quick SEO problems I have found with the website with a quick over view, sure their are more problems but I would need to do a full analysis to gather them all.

1. All pages have the same Title and Description.
2. Use of capital letters in the URL structure.
3. Non www resolve issues.
4. No real keyword targeting/keyword optimization at all.
5. No HTML sitemap.
6. No custom 404 page.
7. No Sitemap.xml
8. Non optimized image alt text.
9. Website hosted in Singapore.
10. Load time is very slow.

big buy seo
big buy seo

gerry harvey seo
gerry harvey seo

Image by :Jonathan Bahr

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  1. Brand new website and still in 2011 in Australia there are still people who create a website for such a big national name with such basic SEO flaws. The words sometimes flaw me to describe the state of the web standards in this country. Prehistorical would be a compliment.

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