Google Pleace Review Data Sucks

I recently posted about Google Place Problems on my blog and the more and more I research into Google places the more problems you find. Take a look at the number one Places listing for “Hotels Sydney” This term gets around 6,000 searches a month so traffic is quite good one would think. Yet taking a look at the type of reviews Google allows they are obviously not the high quality you would expect, you would think their is at least a word limit some one has written a review consisting of “Hi” other reviews are just random scrapings it looks like.

google places reviews
google places reviews

I think Google needs to clean up this mess as business’s who have invested in SEO for organic listings now need to compete with these new changes in Places listings yet you would never advise a client to use “dodgy” tactics like the ones I have been seeing in places listings around the world.

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  1. I totally agree. Google puts so damned many F**king hurdles up you’d have a better chance at solving world peace than getting your business listing up on Google Places. They have (IMO) ruined the whole thing, it can take you months to finally get your listing to show up, what the hell is wrong with a company like Google that they can’t get simple listings posted for legit businesses, it ain’t rocket science. I’m beginning to think Google is staffed by 6-year olds, geeeeeez!!!

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