Google Images + Instant = Not so family Friendly

Google instant has taken search engines by storm, yet Google has forgotten to update its “Family” friendly attitude to its image search algo, with several less then family friendly search terms showing within Google image suggestion boxes –

Typing A-Z in Google Image search we see the following problems –

Keyword G –

girls with out dress
girls breast feeding each other
girls in bathrooms

Keyword K –

Kim Kardashian no clothes
Katrina kaif in no bra
katrina kaif in no dress

Keyword H –

Hot girls wallpapers without bra
hot girls wallpaper

Keyword M –

Miley cyrus no clothes
Miley cyrus naughty
Megan fox no clothes

Keyword V –

Vanessa hudgens no clothes

Keyword Z –

Zac efron nasty pictures

Google non family friendly

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