Facebook Launches New Brand Page Timelines

Facebook over the last 24 hours have launched the new brand time lines, I have been involved with 3 pages launching these mew changes. What this means is that Facebook pages will now look like Facebook profiles, this is a great change for brands because it makes brand pages look more graphical on the cover picture.

Other changes are the main image for your page will also be smaller so it may be advisable to use the brand image in this section, another change is the about me section has moved across, also with apps you can now add 4 apps in the main profile section and an additional 12 on page.

Another important point: You can no longer make Facebook landing pages for users who are not fans of the page, this was a great way to drive engagement with users, yet Facebook has now stopped using it.

A great exmaple of a brand using Facebooks new brand timelines well is Livestrong which can be seen here:

facebook brand page timelines
facebook brand page timelines

So why wait sign up for a brand page timeline here or edit your current page: http://www.facebook.com/about/pages

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