Deadmau5 weird Google Search Results

deadmau5 Google
deadmau5 Google

Today I was looking at Google trends and I saw that the popular DJ Deadmau5 was ranking 7th for the hottest search query of the day due to his recent publicity around the VMA awards.

As I always like to check out who is ranking on SEO for big trending terms and see what tactics they are using I noticed something very interesting on the Deadmau5 official site ranking first the top site link was “Buy Viagra online no prescription” this got me thinking how was this happening! the first thought was a paid text link on deadmau5s site was picking this up! (not the case no paid external links or display units) Then I thought some one must have hacked into the official Google webmaster tools account for this website and places this link here.

Has any one seen something like this for a high traffic search term?

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  1. Reminds me of old school SERP hijacking… but it’s not 🙂

    Check out the cached copy of that page. You can see that their wordpress blog was exploited by the infamous Canadian Pharmacy

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