Coca Cola Australia using Foursquare

Coca Cola Australia using Foursquare

I noticed that Coca Cola Australia has recently set up a Foursquare compentition.
Basically what this competition involves is:

1. Adding the coke machine fairy to Foursquare as a friend, then they will send you clues
to your mobile about where the Coke fairy is heading.

2. The coke faily will then place a winning bottle in the machine each day.

3. Be number one to get to that machine then you will recieve a prize.

4. Shout out that you are their with the winning bottle then the fairy will arrive with a prize.

At the moment we are half way into September and I see only 682 friends on the page, I guess the user rates in Sydney are not crazy for Foursquare yet I would have expected a few more.

Coca Cola Foursquare
Coca Cola Foursquare

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