What are you endorsed for on Linkedin?

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So last year some time LinkedIn released a new feature where you can endorse people for related career sections. Now here is my total overview today from every one who has endorsed me for different things on LinkedIn: Here is a break down of my endorsed for profile: 1. SEO -(Search Engine Optimisation) 56 different […]

10 Interesting Facts about Gen Y – Online Trends

Marketing to Gen Y is a lucrative area, as Gen Y is set to be one of the most dominant working age groups in comming years it is important to monitor their online methods and trends. I have sourced some really great facts about Gen Y which I thought I would share below: What is […]

An interesting case in Social Media Brand Management with Thomas Cook Holidays

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A very interesting social media story out of the UK today, where we saw a man by the name of “Thomas Cook” leave a comment on “Thomas Cook” (the travel brands) Facebook page, saying that he had received years of ridicule for sharing the same name as the holiday company. He said as payment for […]

Top 10 Social Media Websites (Global)

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Hitwise has put together a list of the the top 10 social media website for the week ending June 9th, These top sites include the following been the top 10 social media website in the world: 1. Facebook 2. Youtube 3. Twitter 4. Yahoo Answers 5. Google+ 6. Pinterest 7. Tagged 8. Linkedin 9. Myspace […]

Skywalkers the new Planking on Russian Social Media

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Teenagers in Russia are taking to social media with a new Fad, no it isn’t planking! The new Fad in Russia popular among teenagers is called “Sky walking” basically what this means is climbing to a crazy height and taking video footage and also photos of you and your friends at this height. Sure it […]

The power of Reddit and Facebook to make a huge Flashmob for a young kid!

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A great short film about a boy named Cain who has a cardboard arcade which only ever had one visitor, things changed when the arcade went viral on Reddit and it gathers a huge flash mod, great video below –

Vodafone Australia Day Social Media.

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Yesterday Vodafone was looking to engage with its customers on Facebook, yet the problem is with 1,000’s of angry customers and services not working the best on Australia day it is probably not wise to give users the power to run wild on your Facebook page. An example below of what the customers had to […]

How do people use Social Media?

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A good graphic showing how people use social media! source NM Insite.

Google+ Project – Googles New Social Network

So Google has released news on its highly waited on Google+ Project, this new project will be very interesting to any social media marketer. You can sign up on the waiting list here: https://plus.google.com/up/start/?sw=1&type=st It is easy to see that this will leverage off youtube, it will use Google +1 to connect up to your […]

Social Influence on Serps

So I think any one who has been working in SEO over the last few years has been hearing and reading a lot of chit chat about the influence of social on search! I know because I have been one of the guys writing a lot of social/seo related content and my job is a […]

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