A new number one rank for “SEO” in Google Australia!

I was doing some searches tonight randomly as I do been a SEO =)

And I noticed we have a new rank for number one company ranking for the term “SEO”.


I have tested this one on Ad preview and also non personalization and it is coming up the same, this could be a random alter in ranks but interesting times ahead as eweb has had this rank for a long long time.

I have seen the Dejan team working very hard and putting out a huge amount of new content recently, so good on them.

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  1. Hi James,

    Yeah we’re pretty active and go out of our way to share the tests and knowledge but I think this was just a random glitch in the matrix.

    Thanks for the mention (and where’s our link????).




  2. I tried it with and without personalized search and E-Web is still coming up #1 – though I have heard people in Melbourne see a change.

    How did you test it?

  3. Maybe a glitch or maybe a wake up call for us E-Webbers!

    @Dan I’ve watched you guys climbing your way up past a lot of others who were once in contention and now practically nowhere to be found.

    It’s a great example of SEO being far from a set and forget activity. Luckily we haven’t forgotten and active competition keeps complaceny in check. 😉

    @James – if linking, please link to us using “SEO” as anchor text, and to Dejan using “XXX Gambling Porn”. 😛

  4. @Dejan – In your blog comment hehe =)

    @ Dan – In the post via ad preview, also by adding &pws=0 to the search query. I also noticed a few people seeing the change on Twitter yet it switched back after a few hours.

    @Gary – Yeah competition is good =)

    @ Joshua – haha Dejans link profile is quite good =)

  5. I tried with and without personalized search and E-Web is yet to come up # 1 – although I’ve heard people in Melbourne to see a change.

    How do you test?

  6. Oh it’s the case for those freezing down in Melbas… sorry Josh on the upside i’ve got a few sites that wouldn’t mind that Gambling link…

    it’s been a week so I guess it’s settled down now and Dejan is #1

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