3D Advertising in Australia

Tonight I went to the launch of a new 3D tourism TVC, I was quite surprised at the amount of work that is involved with crating a 3D commercial 4 times the effort of a normal commercial and to think even creating a 3D movie is on another level. The client which was Tourism NT had a 1 minute commercial made in 3D and to be honest it was pretty good the effects were great and I can really see big things for the future of 3D TVC’s. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that the usage rates of 3D TV in Australia are quite low in comparison to overseas markets, yet I guess been an innovative ad campaign it wins all the award for innovation.

The reason for this post is that do you see 3D making it’s way to the online work? I mean will we see websites in 3D in the near future? Possibly…..What is your view on this readers?

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  1. Working in an advertising agenceny with several big budgets for major brands, I can confirm the pressure that we feel about 3D advertising at the moment. A lot of our clients want to go for 3D Advertising media, but they’re not only asking for movie clips, eg. TV-Spots or clips for social marketing on the net. It’s more like they want to dig into 3D advertising even further, so we intruced them to a couple of 3D advertising formats. It seems like 3D foor decals, which are self-adhesive vinyls on the floor that look like they pop up from the ground, are most attractive to most brands. We’ve contacted german inventor and supplier Shapeshifter Media and we’re now happy to include 3d floor decals in many of our major campaigns. So with all the 3D hype going on in the movies and on TV – there are far more interesting and much cheaper advertising formats to look out for to make your client happy 🙂 BTW …. saw that you have them in Australia, too. There’s a company called Beyond Media in Melbourne that distributes SHapeshifter Media’s work down there !

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