What is Growth Hacking?

what is growth hacking
All businesses are concerned with the growth of their company. They want more lead generation, more clients, and more exposure. With the vast amount of media options available, marketers need to find effective ways to reach their target audience. The competition to create a sustainable place in the market is intense. This is where growth hacking comes in.
Growth hacking is experimenting with different marketing outlets and media. This is to figure out the most effective and efficient way to expand the business. Though this may sound like the job of marketing professionals, there is a distinct difference.
Growth hackers try to get their product in front of as many people as possible. Their work is in order to expand their company’s reach. They can be marketers but do not have to be. The main difference between the two professions is the scope of focus. The marketer views the marketing agenda of the company as a whole and keeps reigns over every aspect. Growth hackers in comparison are more focused. Their job is to use what the marketing department comes up with and direct it to a larger audience.
This narrow focus does not mean that the job doesn’t need a highly developed skill set. A growth hacker needs to be tech savvy. This is because the main weapons in his armory are online or electronic media. This includes knowing how to make the most out of inbound marketing tools such as blogs and podcast. We cannot forget social media as well. A growth hacker is also creative and competitive. This should come as no surprise as their main aim of attracting attention stems from competition and finding creative outlets to come out ahead.
The growth hacking field is fast paced and requires constant vigilance. The ever-evolving media landscapes need these people to be adaptable and able to change tact fast. They need to have a problem-solving mindset geared toward finding solutions. They also have the ability to overcome obstacles efficiently and achieve their goals. All in all, they sound like pretty amazing people.
This truth is seen in the numbers. Many of the most well-known brands and companies have experienced exponential growth in marketing reach since adopting growth hacking methods. These companies include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Pinterest, Instagram and even LinkedIn. The number of members these companies have attracted using growth hacking methods are staggering. We know from Twitter that they gained around 60,000 users in a single day when they realized that suggesting people add ten accounts to follow would mean that they come back more often. They gave their new members something to look forward to.
So how can you get started with growth hacking for your own business? By first realizing what you are about to sign up for. Growth hacking methods, as mentioned, require constant research and adapting. Know that not any one strategy will work or that if it works at one time, it may not continue to benefit you forever. The trick is to keep trying new methods but also keeping an eye on what other companies are doing. Chances are you can use their successes to replicate and adapt a process for your own needs.
Aim to have goals you can track, such as the number of views, likes, shares or comments to gauge response. This is a great way to figure out what works and what does not. Maximize on your content and make it go as far as you can. See what different outlets you can share it on. You can make your task easier by streamlining all your media efforts using applications that can post on various platforms simultaneously.
In the end, you should keep in mind that growth hacking is a process of reevaluation and learning. You need to find a formula that works for your business but it has been proven to be worth the effort

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