What do mail.com and Creditcard.net.au have in common?

Well you may ask what do the domains Mail.com and Creditcard.net.au have in common? The answer is that they are both keyword rich domains which both work great for SEO! Keyword rich domains are an important SEO metric and also a important metric for type in traffic something like 10 PERCENT of all internet users do not use search engines they go straight to the search bar and type in “KEYWORD.com” “KEYWORD.com.au” ect ect

For all of you who don’t know I am quite into domain names buying and selling and just tinkering around with domains for development and SEO value. I personally own around 70 domains. I have been into domains for around 6 years and have purchased and sold some good ones and some bad ones =)

Over the last week I have seen two very healthy sales for domains which have drawn my attention to keyword rich domains and their value not only for SEO yet for branding.

Yesterday the domain name creditcard.net.au sold for over $15,000 this is a very very high amount for a .net.au domain yet I can see the merit in it because credit cards are a huge money maker from not only a CPA view point but also CPM and CPC on your website.

Whilst in the USA boy Genius Report sold the domain Mail.com and website for a sum between 75-100 million its a lot of the .net.au sale but the connection is their keyword rich domains will hold their value in any market if its the smaller Australian domain market or the US commercial domain market.

If you want to read more about domains in australia I recommend DNtrade.com.au and for overseas markets check out DNjournal.com

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