The power of Exact Match domains for SEO!

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Ok so alot of talk over the last few weeks in the SEO world has been around the power of exact match domain names and how Google favours them in serp’s results. It is very common knowledge that if you have a exact match .com such as and you want to rank on page 1 for Google it can be done quite quickly using an exact match domain, some decent unique content, a few pages design and also some local links, this is the key reason many people pay such large amtounf of money for exact match domains becuase they 1. know the domain will acquire around 5% direct type in traffic and 2. have the exact match SEO benefit. Yet alot of SEO’s are buzzing aroudn the traps saying that it is unfair that these domian are so powerful in the engines and their power should be dropped. I have seen this trend already taking place int he US serps results for exact match properties I own personally. I think over time the Australian Google will take a similar approach to exact match domains the only question is how long will it take?

For more reading on this subject check out the following post from SEO MOZ –

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  1. Boris Jacquin
    November 11, 2010

    5% direct type is pure heresy. The reality is more like 0.5%.
    Exact match domain will trap your site to the keywords contained in your domain. It’s either short-sighted or very risky.


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