The Importance of Weekly Content Updates and SEO

So I own around 50 websites, I have been building websites for the last 10 or so years and with building websites comes SEO hand in hand naturally, I picked up learning SEO from testing various methodologies over the years on my own sites too see what works and what does not work and then moved onto direct consulting. I use to make a full time income from running websites back when in 2006-2008.

Today I want to show you the difference between two websites I work with.

Website 1 (refer to image below): Has not been updated since 2010, no SEO work has been done since 2010. As I have been busy with a huge range of other projects and working on numerous thing it has just been running on auto pilot. But the days of a website running with no work are gone in my eyes. Websites really do need monthly/weekly content updates and SEO work to stay alive.

Website 2 (refer to image below): Now this is a bigger site with more content which I have been working on since 2011 to push growth, the difference is on a weekly basis 1-2 new articles are made related to the site, on a monthly basis some SEO work is completed. Sure more room for growth is evident but it would require more time which I will be able to push soon.


(Both websites traffic above are 100% organic search traffic/direct, 0% paid search traffic)

Now recently I have stopped working at my corporate job which was around 50+ hours a week of my time. What this means is I will be able to push further time and effort into sites like the two listed above plus many more. I will also open up my time direct to work with other websites and businesses on a consulting basis, contact me via the right banner if you are interested to talk.

Now the moral of this short story is that I have met business owners and affiliates in the past who say that they can have a website running on auto pilot or with no updates, It is evident that you need fresh relevant content and fresh SEO work on a monthly basis to really stay ahead of the game. Even if you want to have your websites traffic stabilized and increasing you really need to implement monthly on going work or things will slip away and you will start too loose revenue.

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  1. Many people complain that content marketing is over hyped but I dont think so.

    Traditional link building activities have slowly but surely lost their importance and content marketing is the way via which you can build an audience in a far more effective way.

    That said many niches can find it tough to update content on a regular basis.

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