The death of one of Australias largest Social Media Stars Zyzz

So over the last few days we have been seeing a lot of messages online about the passing of one of Australia’s best known Social Media stars Zyzz.
I have respect for Zyzz because he is some one who has taught soo many about goals in life and how to have a fantastic time body building and partying, when I was younger I was quite into body building between the ages of 19-21 I was at the guy pretty much every day and I saw great goals, Now soccer is over for me I want to sign up again.

Many people are asking why is Zyzz so popular?

Zyzz was very popular on sites like YouTube,, Squidoo, Facebook and many body building forums such as

I was shocked when I saw the news about Zyzz’s passing as I always use to love reading the posts on his Facebook pages, I mean this was a great example of what you can do with Gen Y Social Media at its finest. Zyzz was an expert at building a huge following on social media he was great at marketing and knew how to sell products to his followers he sold things like Body Building supplements, Singlets, books and pretty much any thing else.

To show the extent of search volume Zyzz has done over the last few days it is very high, I bench marked Telstra with Zyzz and you see the following trend:

zyzz Insights for search
zyzz Insights for search

Remembrance pages have also popped up on Facebook one already has over 50,000 fans…

zyzz facebook page
zyzz facebook page

and also remembrance youtube Video –

Many large news companies have also picked up this story such as the SMH & Daily Telegraph.

So overall it is very sad to see the passing of one of Australia’s most promising social media stars and a body building great.

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