Google PPC new ad site links change for brand search

An interesting new change has been developed over the last few days in Google for some brands we see a change to the site links format where you have multiple tabs for large brands now showing. This change will draw even further traffic from organic results on brand terms, I am sure it will also have a direct impact on PPC for brand terms.


Rich Media in Google Adsense Units!

Google is rolling out some new testing in specific verticals for Rich Media ad units in Google Adwords.

Interesting developments for Google allowing Video units within paid adverts as this is a key area to drive higher CTR on SERPs.

An example of Rich Media video with PPC ads can be seen below:

Google Media Ads
Google Media Ads

My question is what will the effect be if this is rolled out for even more keywords, then Google throws in more lines of ad units to grab CTR it will make the search engines look some what spammy imo, I even noticed yesterday Google has added ad units at the bottom of search results in another move to grab more clicks.

Search by Image & Voice Search for Desktop users on Google now LIVE

Two new interesting products released by Google today in the USA for Desktop users, these include the following –

Search by Image (Desktop) – Drag and drop images into Google Image search to find their location online, also you can add on the chrome plug in to do it.

Voice Search (Desktop) – Search with your microphone on Google, has been live on mobile search for a few months.

Two possible new Google search changes – 1. Huge brand sitelinks and 2. Google Recipes!

Two interesting possible Google changes we may see in the near months in Australia!

I have found these examples online and linked back to the sources =)

1. Google brand site links may look like this in the near future – Interesting move I am sure it will increase CTR to brands via organic search.

Google Site Links
Google Site Links

Switched on Media provided this great post here:

2. A new product called Google Recipes, very cool for all the food lovers (rolled out in the US/ Japan) could be good for a client such as Woolworths.

Google Recipies
Google Recipies


What are your thoughts on these changes ?