Facebook’s new Graph Search will be a game changer!

So if you have been reading the search news today I am sure you have read a article or ten about the new Facebook graph search which will be rolled out around the globe in the next few weeks, some users are lucky enough to sign up to the beta here: http://www.facebook.com/graphsearch

So what’s so interesting about this product is that it changes the way people do search on Facebook. Firstly Facebook will redesign the UX of the top half of the site to push more search use (see image below of this change, using my own account as an example)

Facebook UX Graph Search
Facebook UX Graph Search

Further to this Facebook will then push people to search the following areas more on the site for some of the areas below:

– Search for Friends
– Search for Photos
– Search for Restaurants
– Search for Games
– Search for Music
– Search over quotes and status’s I have liked.

What I think this opens up is a whole new area for people doing localized search, so if you do not have a brand page set up for your local business you will be missing out on traffic.

It will be an interesting space over the next 12 months to see how Facebook develops this product further.

Facebook New Search Box, Real or Fake?

Today I saw a interesting post and image on All Facebook they claim to have found Facebook testing a new search box which will site next to the internal search on Facebook. (Refer to the image below)

New Search feature on Facebook
New Search feature on Facebook

Facebook has came out to the public and said that this is a malware problem and not a new feature!

But really it would be very interesting if Facebook does decide to bring out something like this in the near future.