Facebook Offers – Seems you can literally offer anything!

So today I have noticed an interesting offer on Facebook where a business has offered “free high-fives” (see below) it got me thinking you could really make any thing an offer.


Now here is an example of in my eyes how Offers could alliteratively be used, where you have a physical good and it is offered for free with a purchase or at a discount price or where you are provided with a promo code (see below)


I decided to look into Facebook Terms and Conditions around offers, in my eyes the offers rules are pretty lax at the moment. From the rules it is evident that any type of offer and get accepted on Facebook at the moment (see quote from terms and conditions below)

“Facebook may not be a suitable place for every type of offer, and you are solely responsible for determining if Facebook is the appropriate forum for your offer.”

Have you see some funny offers on Facebook please post them below!