Powerhouse Fitness have great Online Marketing here is why!

Recently I have noticed two fantastic campaigns by a UK company called Powerhouse Fitness. I give them both 10/10 for creativity.

First they rolled out some “different” paid search ads:

When you searched for numerous keywords like “Light Weight” or “Small Weight” in UK Serps you saw the following ADS.

These ads really make you want to click “Nah Bro” enhanced CTR


Now once you click the ad you are taken to a smart landing page with a meme and a discount code “get lifting”


see above example: http://www.powerhouse-fitness.co.uk/do-you-even

Now today they have rolled out another great piece of content marketing in light of Googles changes to Not Provided:

They rolled out 100% not provided proetin

not provided protein

see above example: http://www.powerhouse-fitness.co.uk/not-provided-protein.php

So to who ever is behind Powerhouse Fitness SEO and PPC campaigns, thank you for been different and creative I love your work so far.