Bing starts pushing marketing in Australian Market!

Bing has started to push marketing in the Australian market, with an estimated marketing budget of around 10 million the company hopes to gain some market share from the dominant Google, who current hold well over 95% market share in the Australian market. In the US market Bing currently has around 30% market share with Google loosing percentage point’s month on month according to recent research. So it will be interesting too see if Bing can get some more market share.
I remember back in 2009 I had a meeting with some senior Bing employees in Australia and they said if they could gain just a few percentage points in the next few years that would be good. A few years on it seems that things have changed and they Bing is now pushing marketing much more aggressively and looks like Australia is a key market for this.

In my eyes they need to work on more effective targeting for Australian customers from the organic point of view, don’t get me wrong I have had some websites rank very well in US Bing for large terms but in the Australian market it does not seem like it is the best at targeting from an organic SEO point of view.

Watch the latest TVC below from the recent bing advertising blitz on Channel 9:

Bing and Facebook Social Search SEO Video

I blogged some time ago about the changes which have been happening with Bing and how search is becoming
more social and integrating Facebook data.

I noticed this when using Bing before, that these new changes had been integrated, where if you search for peoples names
it brings up Facebook data based on your connections.

Also when you search for a product or service if your friends have liked this specific product it will show
highly in results.

This puts emphasis on making sure that you have developed your Facebook Social Media and SEO strategy in unison, it also is crucial that you develop your SEO capabilities with the open graph API on Facebook and when you integrate Facebook buttons on your website that you use suitable keywords.

I can see a big future in social media and SEO and been involved with both for the last few years these moves are very interesting to me.

Check out the video below for more insight into this Bing move –

Bings US Search Market Share risen 51% YOY

Microsoft’s search product Bing has seen market share in the US has risen 51% in the US in the last 12 months due to the on going marketing efforts by
the company we have seen Bing’s market share jump up to around 13% from the level of 9% in July 2009.

With Bing and Yahoo combined now we see very healthy market shares, which is making me thing will Google be the number one
in 5 years time? It is very hard to tell.

The Graph below shows the state of the US search market.

bing Search percentage
search percentage for bing

Yahoo’s Results for Organic search Now Come From Bing

Yahoo’s Results for Organic search Now Come From Bing

Bing and Yahoo SEO
Bing and Yahoo SEO

For US and Canada users the search transition is now complete, All Yahoo search results
will be showing Bing organic results. Yahoo SVP of search said that he is proud
to announce that the transition of organic search between Yahoo and Bing is now

Bing said that they are happy that Bing is not powering Yahoo search results in the US
and Canada, English is the only language currently yet others will follow in the coming

This is great news for the two companies who will hopefully be able to join market share
together to combat Google as a power house in search. This means their equated search
volume is now close to 30% against Google’s 60+%.

Tag Length Recommendations for SEO

Here is another great image which contain tag length recommendations for Search engines, This information is crucial when you are developing page meta data and title tags if you do not take note of these points you will be left with cut off tags.

These are the recommendations based on the image –

Google Title Tag – 66-69 – characters
Google Meta descriptions – 156-158 characters
Google URL – 75-92 characters

Bing Title Tag – 67-72 characters
Bing Meta descriptions – 176-184 characters
Bing URL – 91-94 characters

Yahoo Title Tag – 64-65 characters
Yahoo Meta descriptions – 164-190 characters
Yahoo URL – 65-80 characters

SEO tag length reccomendations
SEO tag length reccomendations