Some Google Analytics Stats for my website + Another site I own!

So I thought I would post up some analytic stats for one of the websites I currently own and also for this personal blog.

I have been running this site for the best part of a Year now and traffic is increasing but as we are in a niche area been SEO and domaining primarily it is not easy to get crazy bursts of traffic so I have also included a example from another property I own which is in the entertainment sector. I also only started this website in the last 6 months.
One of my personal sites:

James has had the following stats.
6,059 visitors
11,000 Pageviews
1.82 Pages per visitor.
63.36% average bounce rate.
1.22 average time on site.
86.04% of visitors are new.

James norquay analytics
James norquay analytics

Personal Website has had the following stats
Since October we have had over:
242,257 visitors
454,889 Pageviews
1.88 Pages/visit
63.07 bounce Rate
56 second average time on site
87% of visitors are new.

James norquay stats
James norquay stats

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