Some basic GEO ranking factors.

I have decided to put up a short post on some basic GEO ranking factors:

Was recently trawling over some of Matt Cutt’s Twitter posts (see below) and I noticed he recently posted saying IP address is a direct ranking factor. I have been using this as a point in a wider strategy for Server speed and SEO for a long time but I see many people still saying IP and Server location has no direct impact on your SEO efforts.

IP Address
IP Address

The basis should be host your website where your user base is and use a GEO specific domain name which targets your USER base. If you are in the Australian market use domains and also use local content writers.

5 Key points on GEO ranking factors:

1. USE local IP addresses for hosting.
2. USE local TLD domain names – targeting Australia use
3. USE local content writers for localized content.
4. USE local based severs near your user base.
5. Acquire backlinks from local websites, i.e link building for an Aussie site target link targets in the majority of your link profile.

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