Skywalkers the new Planking on Russian Social Media

Teenagers in Russia are taking to social media with a new Fad, no it isn’t planking! The new Fad in Russia popular among teenagers is called “Sky walking” basically what this means is climbing to a crazy height and taking video footage and also photos of you and your friends at this height. Sure it can be done the right way (providing you have safety equipment and harnesses) and also the wrong way in many cases it is done the wrong way with these teenagers taking things to the edge. In some cases these teenagers get up to the top of a very high tower and start working out.

Russian teen sky walkers
Russian teen sky walkers

Watch the two videos below:

Video 1 – we see Russian teens at the top of a very high tower.

Video 2 – we see Russian teens at the top of a very high tower in this stage working out and not in the sense of going to the gym.

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