How the Australian search query SEO has changed 3.5 years!

Today working on a specific project I noticed a screen shot from May 2011 showing who was currently ranking for the query “SEO”. If we notice in 2011 Google only had 1 Ad above the fold, compare that with today we notice 7 ads above the fold on search results.

We can also note how the color of ads have changed in years gone by.


From this quick little analysis piece we can see that in only the space of 3.5 years so many things have changed with Google’s search result pages.

It is really evident they are strongly focused on advertising in today’s market and driving as much revenue as possible from every search user.

Query intent has also gone far more local in the last few years which has had a huge impact on the way business target local keywords.

Also the way in which Google has set up their old design compared with the new design it places far more emphasis on users clicking on ads.

What are your thoughts on the changes listed above?

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