Search Engine Ranking Factors by SEOmoz Top 5

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Top SEO Ranking Factors

Top SEO Ranking Factors

I noticed this graph today I have seen it numerous times before, but thought I would post it on my blog =)

According to data from SEO moz here are the top five ranking factors in SEO –

1) Keyword Focused anchor texts in external links.

2) External link popularity quality and quantity of external links.

3) Diversity of link sources links from many unique link root domains.

4) Keyword use in the title tag.

5) Trustworthiness of the domain based on link distance form trusted domains.

Whilst I think this top 5 is quite strong, I feel [Exact] Keyword in the domain should be high up on the list!!

What are your top 5 ranking factors, please post them up here =)

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