Reactions to the recent Exact Match Domain changes in Google Australia!

So over the last few days there have been some changes from the Australian market and global markets targeting Exact Match Domains,
I have sourced together a few quotes from Australian website owners who have been directly hit by this update, please note these are not clients of mine just members from the general publish who have expressed their opinion on the update.

“Looking at my own EMD sites, a few with thinner content seems to have been hit…But those which are built out with pages are holding strong… therefore will be interesting to monitor over the coming weeks”

Website Owner – Sydney

“Haven’t actually seen any ranking drops today with my EMDs so far although overall adsense views do seem to be down over the weekend. However it was a public holiday in NSW at least which generally hurts traffic.”

Website Investor and Site Owner – Sydney

“A few of my low quality EMD sites got hit hard in this update as well.”

Website Owner – Brisbane

Tips on how to avoid been hit by further updates:
– Make sure you invest in high quality content, so not use duplicate content or spun content.
– Make sure you have high quality links pointing to your site.
– Make sure that you push social signals to your site.
РMake sure that you invest time into sites which are long term and have been established for a while, I have seen many story’s from
This update where people who have been hit are people who own very new domains.
Please post here if you have been targeted by this update:

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  1. I have about 100 finance themed EMD’s that I have registered but no content on them. Shame, seems I might be late to the party. Was hoping to get some quick SEO wins once launched. I guess I can put them up and see whether this affects me.

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