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So as any one in the SEO business knows SEO MOZ is one of the biggest sites out their for SEO news and a few days ago I had some of my content posted up on their Blog and Facebook. I hope to get more great SEO and Content out to the world soon I have soo much information to share, but remember this blog is where the posts come first. Thank you for all the comments and emails so far =)

SEOMoz James Norquay

SEOMoz James Norquay

SEOMoz James Norquay two

SEOMoz James Norquay two

1 Comment

  1. Phill Ohren
    October 7, 2010

    Great posts. I really need to contribute. It’s so long.

    I recently manged to get my SEOmoz handle changed from my old “Black hat” name to PhillOhren. So moving forward I may just join in too.


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