Yahoo developed Instant Search technology in 2006

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I have just read a great article from a ex Yahoo Product Manager who has said that Yahoo developed similar technology to Googles Instant search way back in 2006, it is amazing that this search product was never released by Yahoo as it could have been a real game changer for the search company. who ...

Facebook Stops people from adding Comment Links On Profile Pages

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Facebook today has now stopped people from adding Comment Links On Profile Pages, This is an on going war with spammers on Facebook who have been exploiting the website for the last few years. This latest move comes after the recent New Survey Worm Spreading On Facebook which posted on friends comments and infected 1000s ...

Google Adwords capacha has a dirty mind!

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We were conducting some Keywords Research today on Google and look what capacha decided to bring up hehe =)

Top Google Adwords Spenders in June 2010

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A very interesting report has been released by Ad Age in the US showing leaked data from Google US, this data gives some interesting insights into how much specific advertisers such as AT&T and Expedia are spending on a monthly basis. These figures are quite large in comparison to the Australian market, yet we will ...

Facebook shows it real market value 33 BILLION!

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Facebook employees have been selling off company shares and the market rate is quite decent, analysts estimate that the currently rate of Facebook value is around 33 BILLION. This number means Facebook is worth more then companies like Yahoo, Dell and even eBay. Impressive isn’t it for a company which started in 2004. Here is ...

Dot TV domains information and Promo

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Ok so for any one who does not know I am a big time domain buyer and seller, I have purchased well over 100 domains over the years, mostly just for fun yet over the past years it has been more for business. One costly event for all domain’s is renewing domain names each year, ...

Facebook Wins New Search Patent – Facebook SEO

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Facebook Wins New Search Patent For any one who is highly involved in Facebook social search, such as myself I have been “testing the waters” with it for the last two years I find this latest patent win by Facebook quite interesting! From the recent changes in the Facebook layout to put a more emphasis ...

Bings US Search Market Share risen 51% YOY

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Microsoft’s search product Bing has seen market share in the US has risen 51% in the US in the last 12 months due to the on going marketing efforts by the company we have seen Bing’s market share jump up to around 13% from the level of 9% in July 2009. With Bing and Yahoo ...

How to show map extensions and sitelinks in page google ads?

Posted by on Aug 27, 2010 in Adwords, PPC | One Comment

How to show map extensions and site links in page Google ads? Well as many in the paid search world know Google recently allowed Adwords users to use site links and map listings for brand terms. It was a great way to drive a higher CTR to a brand website, yet Google then turned its ...

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