New Google Previews not so good for Paid ads on the right.

I posted about this new change to Google a few weeks ago, For anyone who has not seen Google has rolled out this feature in most markets, this one will probably have a big impact for websites which are 1. Slow to load 2. Heavy on advertising above the fold. One thing I think is also crazy with this new change is that these new units cover the whole right column of paid ads.

google previews
google previews

* After rolling over first News Results listing…

* Think this will even drive more emphasis to be the top 3 as spots.

One Reply to “New Google Previews not so good for Paid ads on the right.”

  1. Hi James

    Good point on the Instant Preview, covering the ads that only 20% of the searchers click on is not the way to advance the PPC cause.

    This is one thing that Google have become followers on with Bing pulling this first by several months.

    Google have done it better with the option turned off by default.

    Another great reason to kill flash from your front page, as flash doesn’t render.

    Ah remember the good ole days of simple google, one wonders just how far they push before it becomes a confusing mess that the average joe just won’t put up with any longer.


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