My SEO & Social Media predictions for 2011

So it seems every one has been posting these predictions for 2011 all over the internet I have seen a mass of posts on various SEO and Social Media websites I even have been bombarded with emails and newsletters with trends and predictions for 2011.

So I have read most of them and now I will put forward what I feel will be popular/ important in 2011 –

1. Social Media and SEO will be a stronger force – People have been talking about SEO and Social Media for years yet I believe it will be even more stronger in 2011, like data will be huge, Tweet data will be important. If you are not optimizing social media properties for SEO then you are left behind.

2. Authority websites are highly important – SEO MOZ domain authority and page authority are two metrics which SEO’s should be taking close note of.

3. Google places will become more important, if you have not optimized your Google places listings for your business then you will be at a disadvantage to competitors, I can see more emphasis been placed on Google Places as the mobile world goes even more crazy.

4. Celebrities and promotions marketing will become even more key to social media campaigns, it has been highly evident in the US that celebrities are playing a bigger role in social media campaigns to drive more traffic, yet I can see in 2011 that we will see even more use of celebrities to link up with social media campaigns, I can even see a bigger link up with experiential marketing and social media.

5. A new social media player in the market! I can feel that we may see a new social media player in the market which integrates Friends/Videos/Feeds/data/connection all in one spot. sites like World Star Hip Hop see millions of unique visitors a day and I feel a social based site could utilize all this and become very popular in the market.

What do you think will be big in 2011??

Have your say below –

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  2. james – some good seo and social media predictions their. Mine can be found at

    In a nut shell:
    1/ Semantic web and/or social media triggers growth (social media for 2011; semantic from 2012>)
    2/Algorithym amendments further develop e.g. conversion rate, Contextual & personalised search, Social search personalisation, Clicks = higher rankings
    3/ local business listings become even more important
    4/Data leveraging + increased reciprocity = ‘better’ targeting
    5/ Status Quo i.e. focus on what’s already important
    6/ SEO spend will increase
    7/ Penalties for grey hat seo e.g. automated content syndication on content farms

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