Moving up the member list on SEO moz Top 80 SEO’s worldwide!

So I have been quite active on SEOmoz recently, making a fair few posts and getting involved in many posts and discussions about SEO.

I noticed I just hit over 500 moz points, and have come in line with the link building master Eric Enge (as seen below)

seomoz user rank
seomoz user rank

What do Moz Points mean you may ask? well moz points are the SEO moz ranking metric to show users rank for how helpful you are on the SEOmoz community and also to show how active you are.

I have been on SEO moz for a while I have a business account and my personal account “connections8”. My advice to any one who wants to learn SEO is to get onto SEO moz search around for old posts and get active, these guys have some great SEO content.

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