Lil Wayne Shows how powerful he is with Social Media

Lil Wayne is probably not a house hold name in Australia. Yet in the USA and Europe he is one of the biggest entertainers. Lil Wayne’s digital marketing team recently noticed Oreo was running a competition to have the most likes on a post in 24 hours. When Lil Wayne’s team saw this they thought it would be interesting to see what kind of traffic they could get. Lil Wayne received around 200,000 likes to his posts whilst Oreo’s could only manage 50,000 in the 24 hour period. It shows that popular musicians can some times be way more powerful at promoting a brand via social media in comparison to the brand. Consumers listen to their favorite artists they buy what they wear they want what they have. (Refer to the image below to see how the competition ended up)

lil wayne facebook likes
lil wayne facebook likes

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