Jumbo Google Organic Site Links will probably not last!

Ok so since the start of August people have been seeing jumbo ad site links, the team down at SEER Interactive first spotted this trend for some US based terms. But I remember seeing it way back at the start of the year for terms in Australia, I remember Phill Ohrean from Switched On Media had a post about Cannon getting these jumbo organic site links.

Here is an example for “Overstock”, what I chopped off the screen grab was also the PPC for this term oo.com.au was bidding on the brand terms lol, cheeky.


Now the point I want to make is that this will probably not last, why is that do you ask?

Well Google makes a huge amount of money off brand term PPC, lets face it this new jumbo site links change will make brand CTR on paid listings down down and therefore we will see Google start to think wow we are loosing millions on this one lets switch back to the old way and still make $$$ from paid listings on brand terms.

Well that is what I think any way as this is why it is only on a limited number of organic listings at the moment, let me know your thoughts in the comments =)

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