7 Tips to make your Smartphone battery last longer!

A common question many people ask is how to I make my smartphone battery last longer? Well I asked my mate who works at HTC for some information on this specific question.


He gave more 7 tips for making your smart phone battery last longer.

1. Try not to use a live background – live backgrounds are the backgrounds which have all moving images and what not, try and use a static image background.
2. Place your brightness settings on 1 bar – If your screen is on full brightness it can limit the battery life each charge.
3. Try not to take out the battery too often – taking your battery out and switching it, then putting it back in many times is apparently not that great for the battery according to my mate from HTC.
4. Charge the battery to full – Don’t just charge the battery on half then use it try to give the phone a full charge every time you charge it up.
5. Limit the level of music and games – Music and Games are great on phones but they also kill the power on them very quickly, try to limit the user where possible.
6. Apps running on the phone – Try to limit the number of applications running in the background of the phone, if you have countless worthless applications running they can chew the battery life down.
7. Turn off annoying notifications – Notifications can also chew down the battery life, so try to turn them off where possible.

If you have any additional smart phone battery saving tips please post them below in the comments:

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