How and effective pitch process can make or break business.

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I think like all Australians we were saddened by the recent football world cup in 2022, Australia only came up with 1 vote out of the whole 24 possible votes! And why was this do you ask. I think it is quite evident that it came down the pitch process used.

First Australia presented by Elle McPherson, ex supermodel, She spoke briefly and then presented a cartoon which is not relevant at all to soccer and why we should hold the biggest sporting event in the world.

Then Came Qatar, who’s young presenter spoke about the future of the sport, he spoke about the legacy that other nations would benefit by them winning the right to host the cup, The video and presentation was slick and it was to the point.

I think this highlights why during a pitch process you need to be direct and to the point, you do not go off topic and you do not show irrelevant content or it will cost you dearly.

It is evident by viewing the video that this is why Australia lost the bid, I hope for the next pitch we pick up our act.

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  1. Joseph McCullough
    December 15, 2010

    Hahah, this comment on the Qatar video sums it up:

    “That made Australia’s video look like an´╗┐ underachieving primary school kid’s project.”


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