Having a Facebook like button on your website could cost you $70,000!

So in a German state over the last week they have passed a ban on the Facebook like button from localized websites.

Now the reason behind this ban is that strict German privacy laws do not desire users been to be tracked, I agree in the sense that some large corporations are gathering too much information on every one, we are now living in a world where companies can instantly profile you in a huge amount of ways and target any specific advertising message to you.

The area that this argument opens up to me is a broader question in the sense that Google has a huge level of personalized data for users on search engines.

If your localized website does no abide to German law you could see yourself with a fine of more then 50,000 euros which equates to over $70,000 USD.

I feel this is a bit of overkill in the sense that it is a very harsh fine for small webmasters may get hit, we will see how this ones progresses.


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