Have reached “SEO Guru” Status on SEOmoz – James Norquay

So after working very hard on the SEOmoz website for the last few years, writing detailed blog posts such as my post on Advanced Keyword Research for example, helping out with 100’s of questions in the PRO Q&A section, providing free SEO help for the many thousand users on the website and also commenting and contributing on 100’s of different SEO posts to show my insight I have reached the level of SEO GURU (picture below)

SEO GURU Australia
SEO GURU Australia

Along with the rank I am now positioned 12th in the community ranks on SEOmoz http://www.seomoz.org/users, this is out of over 11,783+ global based SEO’s.

About SEOmoz:

SEOmoz is one of the worlds most well known SEO brands online with daily SEO news and information, SEOmoz is an authority in the space. Founded by Rand Fiskin a household name to many in the business.

6 Replies to “Have reached “SEO Guru” Status on SEOmoz – James Norquay”

  1. Well done James 🙂

    As just an “average” community member of SEOMoz since 2008 I must say that the community is certainly what makes it a special place.

  2. Hi Asad,

    I have not yet received the shirt and the trophy, yet I am not too worried, some one gave me a SEOmoz shirt recently at an event.

    thanks for the comments, yet I have been on SEOmoz a long while too yet my main account has really been active for the last 2-3 years. the community is every thing =)

    Kind Regards,

    James Norquay

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