Google Rolls out update to target Exact Match Domain names!

Google last Friday released an update to target exact match domain names, Google has said they will target Exact Match Domains which are low quality (see Matt Cutt’s post below from Twitter)

This is an interesting change for Google from any one who owns domain names and has a large number of domains in your portfolio. The reason this change is interesting is because it could have a negative impact on the way in which your sites are indexed and the rankings you hold.

Now the thing is what do you do to make sure that your exact match domain and website is not deemed low quality,
I have a few important points for you:

* Make sure you do not use ad heavy adsense pages on your EMD.
* Make sure that you do not use large amounts of duplicate content on your EMD.
* Make sure that you push quality social signals to the page level of your EMD, example: Facebook Likes, Tweets and G+ mentions.
* Make sure that you target higher quality link building to the page on your EMD.
* Make sure that you build the EMD into a site with numerous pages, rather then just an EMD with 5 pages for example.

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