Godaddy CEO kills poor elephant, I may move my 80+ domains.

Any one who is in the domain world would have seen the video where Godaddy CEO bob parsons, kills a elepant for trampling some farm land in a rural area. bob acts like a big man and shoots the elephant then some hungry village people eat the elephant.

The thing is why didn’t Bob who is worth 1 billion+ buy food for these people or install a fence around their village.

Elephants are the types of animals who remember thing for years, the video can be seen below, I mean this guy is a CEO of a billion dolloar company and he is posting this on his business blog?

I currently have over 80 domains with these guys and seeing this type of content makes me pissed off and thinking about moving domains to a competitor, I mean competitors are all offering special deals at the moment to transfer domains.

All Godaddy seems to do for customers is annoy me with registering .com and .net domains for .orgs and .infos I own and try to sell them to me at crazy prices.

your thoughts on this?

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