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Ex Googler Andre Weyher and his team have built a fantastic tool which I would like to do a review on today: The new competitive intelligence tool is called http://Netcomber.com



Now what are the benefits of using a competitive research tool such as Netcomber?

You can conduct research on:

Competitors: You can use the tool too search for competitors websites too see what micro sites they are using.
Affiliates: If you are an affiliate marketer you can use the tool too see what other websites your competitors are currently running.
Link Building opportunities: Before you build a link on a specific directory or website, check too see the quality of that directory. Also be sure to check if the same website is linked up via numerous other sites. Further to this if you are going to build a link on a website which you have just found it is also advisable to use the tool to test these links.
Blogger outreach: If you find one blog you like and you can not find the who is or contact details see if the blogger has any other presence online. The same goes if you want to see what other sites the blogger owns.
Domain Name buyers and sellers: If you buy and sell domain names you can use this tool to view what other domain names a specific person has. It can be very powerful when doing background checks and during the negotiation process for domain name buying.

Now say I was a competitor of Kogan.com.au I have used their website as an example for some analysis.
I want too see what other sites Kogan is running and what other domains they own, you can also download this to a CSV file which is great for additional analysis of the common website factors.

The tool shows me that Kogan has over 100+ website using similar technology and similar profiles, you can do the same for any other competitor you have in a specific market.



Now what can a “similar profile” or “similar accounts” actually mean?

Here are 10 methods of analysis the tool uses to spot similar websites:

1. Google accounts: does the website have numerous analytic’s or webmaster tools accounts linked via the website network?
2. Advertising codebeen the same: If the network of websites has similar advertising code such as Google Adwords or Amazon affiliate it can be spotted as been on the same network.
3. Outbound links: Are the outbound links on the website similar it can also show similar patterns.
4. Inbound links: Does the website have a similar pattern of inbound links?
5. Hosting & WHO IS details: Are the hosting details or who is details similar it can trigger a similar pattern.
6. Web design profile been similar: If the web design template is the same across sites it can show it is similar.
7. CMS elements been similar: If the website is on the same CMS it can trigger similarity.
8. Similar contact details across websites: Are the contact details similar on the website.
9. Social profiles on the website: Do you have Twitter and Facebook profiles which are similar across the websites?
10. Mail servers: Are the mail servers similar across websites?

Pro Tip: It may also be noted that if you are building micro sites for a brand or your own network that you would not want to use any “similar” data as mentioned above.

See below an example of a report after completing analysis on the Kogan domain:

Netcomber kogan

Netcomber kogan

Now if I was going to build a link on a directory as an example below, I would use the tool before building a link too see if the directory is part of a wider spam network. Whilst looking at some directories today the tool told me one site had 15 sites with exactly the same template on the same host, so it is probably not worth building a link on this property.



The tool is also updating on an on going basis, currently the tool has reviewed the following number of websites within the last crawl (on a global status):

1. 233,181,025 sites have been indexed.
2. 681,537,123 website pages have been mapped.
3. 3,442,977,109 data gains have been made.

So the tool has already been helpful with providing new ideas for affiliates sites and has helped with spotting out websites which could be harmful to on going link building which we have been conducting. The future is looking bright for Netcomber with the release of the upcoming API which will have Majestic SEO integration so we may do a follow up these on that product once we test them further.

Visit Netcomber.com now and check out the tool offering for your self, they will give you first few results for free.

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