Eweb Marketing back on top for “SEO” rank in Australia!

So recently I posted an article about how we saw a change in the number one rank in Australia with the fantastic link building team and on site team at Dejan SEO overtaking the long time holders of the SEO rank in Australia E-Web marketing. Now every time I attend an SEO event some of the E-Web boys and girls always say how I never have any thing positive to say about their website and the E-Web Brand in general, well today I have some positive news about the E-Web website!

It is now back on top for the rank “SEO” in Australia, it goes to show that this was some testing that Google has been doing with in the ranks.

Screen shot below:

eweb marketing
eweb marketing

so yeah great work to the E-Web Marketing team =) I wish you all the best luck in the Future.

5 Replies to “Eweb Marketing back on top for “SEO” rank in Australia!”

  1. Interesting .. but I guess that’s what you expect from one of Australia’s top SEO company.
    I rank also in top 10… but funny wise I have never even try to rank for SEO . Pretty ironic 😉

  2. I don’t believe it was testing from Google, Dejan SEO simply invested time into link building and got on top, at which point Eweb had to step up, and since they are dinosaurs of the SEO world with great authority it was not hard for them to take the number 1 rank back… The question is, how long will they stay there now that they are in the danger zone…

  3. Haha cheers James. Interesting to see what comment Andrew leaves 😛
    You have given us props in the past just not on your website, so thank you.

    Keep up the effort on your blog and we’ll catch up soon!

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