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dot TV
Dot Tv

Ok so for any one who does not know I am a big time domain buyer and seller, I have purchased well over 100 domains over the years, mostly just for fun yet over the past years it has been more for business.

One costly event for all domain’s is renewing domain names each year, If you own 50 domains in your portfolio you are looking at paying around $10 each domain so its a $500 cost. Some domains such as Dot TV are more expensive, the benefit of buying a Dot TV domain is that you will able to purchase keyword rich terms for SEO which will probably alreayd be taken in other TLDs, The only downside to buying a DOT TV domain is that they are $40 a year to renew, I thought this was too high so I went and sourced out a cheaper deal the following code copy and use it when renewing dot TV’s saved me $15 per TV so its a high saving per domain, please note this was workign on the 4th of sept so it may now not be working with Godaddy – Promo code is: GDBBREN8..

promo deal TV godaddy domain
promo deal TV godaddy domain

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  1. thanks for codes , i have shared your codes , here are some more Godaddy promo codes.

    here are some more godaddy promo codes i personally use.i would like to share with .
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  2. Here is a Godaddy coupon codes that is working WALLET412 can save you 35% off .com registrations and is the only code that could be used for renewals as well.

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