Cudo bidding on Groupon keywords?

Well any one who follows the deals area closely would have noticed that BuyII was linking to Cudos deals and in tern they were ranking within search engines for the term “Cudo” in a quite predominant position. Cudo instantly launched a C & D to block this ranking and complained about them. The funny thing is I was just searching for Groupon as a keyword and what did I see!! Cudo was bidding on the keyword Groupon. I mean why launch legal action against other deals website when Cudo itself is bidding on competitors terms in the paid area! I know they are bidding on broad match but still it is a bit funny imo, a screen shot can be seen below –

cudo bids on groupon
cudo bids on groupon

I think it is a little unfair…What do you think?

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  1. Makes sense to me. Find out what the competition is doing; mimic and then try and strategically out manoeuvre them.

    I have been doing something similar with one of my clients for nearly three years and of the 20 or so business names my client is ranking for only 1 of them ended up doing about it – and even then it took them a year to work it out.

    It’s their own fault for not hiring AdWords experts.

  2. Hi tom thanks for the comment, the thing is Groupon does not own the trademark in Australia. Scoopon a competitior registered the trademark and purchased Currently their is a on going court case Scoopon vs Groupon.

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