The Top Trends on Twitter in 2010

Here is a great list of the top Trends on Twitter 2010, this is some powerful data form Twitter to show you which terms people were tweeting the most over the last 12 months.

Overall Top Trends
• 1.Gulf Oil Spill
• 2.FIFA World Cup
• 3.Inception
• 4.Haiti Earthquake
• 5.Vuvuzela
• 6.Apple iPad
• 7.Google Android
• 8.Justin Bieber
• 9.Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
• 10.Pulpo Paul
News Events
1. Gulf Oil Spill
2. Haiti Earthquake
3. Pakistan Floods
4. Koreas Conflict
5. Chilean Miners Rescue
6. Chavez Tas Ponchao
7. Wikileaks Cablegate
8. Hurricane Earl
9. Prince Williams Engagement
10. World Aids Day
1. Justin Bieber
2. Dilma Rouseff
3. Lady Gaga
4. Julian Assange
5. Mel Gibson
6. Lil Kim
7. Zilda Arns
8. Kate Middleton
9. Kim Hee Chul
10. Joannie Rochette
1. Inception
2. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows
3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
4. Despicable Me
5. Karate Kid
6. The Last Airbender
7. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
8. The Expendables
9. The Chronicles of Narnia
10. Paranormal Activity 2
1. MTV Video Music Awards
2. Pretty Little Liars
3. True Blood
4. Walking Dead
5. Grammy Awards
6. Glee
7. Family Guy
8. CSI
9. MTV Movie Awards
10. American Music Awards
1. Apple iPad
2. Google Android
3. Apple iOS
4. Apple iPhone
5. Call of Duty Black Ops
6. New Twitter
7. HTC
8. RockMelt
9. MacBook Air
10. Google Instant
World Cup
1. FIFA World Cup
2. Vuvuzela
3. Pulpo Paul
4. Dunga
5. Diego Maradona
6. Cristiano Ronaldo
7. Cala Boca Galvao
8. Lionel Messi
9. Oranje
10. Felipe Melo
1. Lebron James
2. Wimbledon
3. Manchester United
4. Brock Lesnar
5. Celtics
6. Brett Favre
7. Tony Parker
8. Antonio Margarito
9. Blake Griffin
10. Mike Vick
1. #rememberwhen
2. #slapyourself
3. #confessiontime
4. #thingsimiss
5. #ohjustlikeme
6. #wheniwaslittle
7. #haveuever
8. #icantlivewithout
9. #thankful
10. #2010disappointments


Twitter Local Trends for Australia and Analytics

So Twitter has not been showing much love for Australia, to date they do not have an office in here and many clients have been asking questions about Twitter for the past 2 years+.

Finally Twitter has been showing some signs of love for the Australian market with the release of Australian Twitter trending topics for the local market which have been needed for some time due to the fact all our trending topics were from the USA market which was a bit confusing this new change will show local trending topics from the Australian market which is a real plus for this market.

Furthermore Twitter has boosted its analytic offering and is now going to offer a new Twitter analytic product which is going to be great for any one who wants to track things on the twitter platform and give detailed insights for clients.

As Twitter is a must for any social SEO strategy I think these developments are great for Twitter and I look forward to more growth in the Australian market for Twitter.

Twitter Trends Australia
Twitter Trends Australia

Twitter down yet no FAIL Whale

Well its seems Twitter is down yet again, instead of the fail whale we now see a new image –

Twitter fail
Twitter fail

Don’t mess with Animals or Social Media will get you!

Don’t mess with Animals or Social Media will get you!

Well I think most people are aware of the mean cat lady who last week put a poor innocent Kitty into a bin for no reason,
I am not really a cat person, I am more of a dog person but still it makes my blood boil to see this type of thing happening
to poor innocent animals.

Here is a new report of What originally happened.

As you know this video cause quite a stir in the world and now thanks to social media people have come back
in a big way !!

1. We saw the viral video “Revenge of the cat” be made where we see a cat place the woman in the bin! –

2. we saw a viral Facebook page be made “Cat Lady should do time in a bin”

3. We saw a Twitter page be made “Cat Bin Lady” which now has close to 12k followers!!

People need to watch and learn if you are mean to animals their is going to be a social media revolt against you,
you will have your image wrecked for life. So if you are thinking about hurting a poor innocent animal in the future
DON’T do it because you could be left with a very poor social media image.