Twitter Starts TV Advertising!

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Twitter has stated advertising on mainstream TV in the US market with a recent promotion with NASCAR, Twitter has pushed several advertising slots in a hop to go more main stream in social media to get traction on competitors such as YouTube and Facebook who have a higher reach.

Twitter Competition Winner Announced.

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Thank you to every one who entered my Twitter competition for my 2000th Tweet on Twitter, it was a good success with various different online marketers entering. As their can only be one winner I placed all the Twitter user names into a hat and shuffled them and the winner ended up been Perth SEO […]

2000th Tweet SEO Competition on Twitter, How you can win!

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Hello everyone, I have decided to have a competition on my blog for my 2000th Tweet, What is in this prize pack? 1 x Extra Large Facebook Hack Sydney Shirt white (Australia) 1 x Extra Large Navy Blue Facebook shirt. 1 x Large Acquisio Black shirt – “I report to no one” shirt. 1 x […]

Recent images a new feature on Twitter, is Twitter trying to mimic Facebook?

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Today Twitter rolled out another new feature to enhance the engagement within the product, the feature called recent images displays any new images which have been added to your twitter account. (view screen shot below) What this shows is that Twitter is trying to mimic Facebook recent images in some ways and to also make […]

Twitter SEO Value drops as Google search deal ends!

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News today on the SEO front is that Twitter and Google’s search deal which started in October 2009 has ended, this has now resulted in Real Time data from Twitter been removed from Google. Yet the most evident change is the impact on Tweets from authority sources and ranking for SEO terms. I have noticed […]

Putting a @Follow us tag in a website Title Tag for a Huge Website?

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So a huge website in the US has taken an interesting move which I have not seen many websites do online. This website ranks first for terms like “Hip Hop” so I imagine the traffic would be good and the Alexa is quite high. The title tag they are using is as follows – […]

Top Users on Twitter A Great Graphic

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Here is a graphic which shows the top users currently on Twitter. The most popular are musicians and the important thing to remember is that these guys will be popular for many years to come and will be able to charge thousands per Tweet. Follow me on Twitter @connections8

Charlie Sheen Gets back his Domain name

For any one who has been following the Charlie Sheen developments over the last few weeks, you be be well aware that Charlie Sheen is building a strong following via social media channels. He built 1 million followers on Twitter in 1 day, He is building strength via uStream and other website where thousands to […]

Weird Twitter spam!

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Today I was on Twitter and I noticed a few suspicious @ comments posted to me, it seems these guys have bots that automatically make a bunch of account then they run off some type of script to bombard many users in a same group. the link they keep spamming me with is going to […]

NAB Takes aim at CBA via Social Media!

So the NAB bank has recently been pushing alot of advertising material on offline media – TV/Print and online telling people to move from their current bank. This week I had some problems with Commonwealth bank, I needed to urgently send some money. Yet they had issues with their network so the whole Netbank was […]

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