Four Free SEO tools you would be crazy not to try!

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Today I want to share with you four great SEO tools I have been using in the last month. These tools all do different things from website crawling to anchor text ratio checking. The best thing about these four tools is that they are all free. Tool 1 – Domain Hunter (Broken Link Finder and […]

How to search for Exact Match Keywords on Google Keyword Tool

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I found this great tutorial online from another member on a forum called Italian Dragon Basically if you are looking to do keyword data research and you want to have the most accurate data it is important to use exact match search here is the exact way to do it –

Radian6 Social Media Monitoring Australia

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Radian6 Social Media Monitoring is one of the top tools in the market at the moment in Australia for social media monitoring. Along side market competitors like Nielson Buzz Metrics and Buzz Numbers, a race is taking place to be the top Social Media Monitoring software. What do you think is the top piece of […]

How people sign into Social Media

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Identity management company Janrain has released a study showing how people sign into various social media platforms, I find this interesting because it shows the power Google still holds over other platforms as a preferred place to sign into platforms. the data from the study can be viewed below. This is not new information for […]

Keyword Discovery Australian SEO Review

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Keyword Discovery SEO Review – I wanted to highlight some issues I found with Keyword discovery in the Australian market, It seems if you are tracking Keywords the results the software pulls up are quite poor. Comparing insurance related keywords in the US market and the Australian market we see quite a high difference in […]

SEO MOZ new pro web REVIEW

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So today our friends at SEO MOZ released a new web app SEO tool. This new tools is said to save SEO’s and webmasters time because time is one thing which many tools take up. Here is a brief review of this new tool from a SEO Specialists view point on the new tool – […]