The Death of Foursquare, introducing Facebook Places

Today Facebook launched their new location based software dubbed Facebook Places the name sounds a little to similar to Google places if you ask me. The big question here is what does this mean for Foursquare and other location based software services. Basically it means that Facebook will be using its pre existing mobile network of over 100 million + to push this new Facebook offering. Personally I think this is a real killer for Foursquare because Facebook has such a large users base and predominantly mobile based users.

A key problem with this service is that is very similar to Foursquare, as Check ins are part of the platform. So is adding places you have visited, One key difference between it and Foursquare is that Facebook does not just show you nearby places to your locations, but places it thinks are relevant to you.

The key area for Facebook is that it is looking to make partnerships with other services such as Foursquare, Yelp, Booya and Goowla.

Facebook launched the new location based service today in Palo alto – California to a large media gathering at a press conference.

Facebook is aiming to make this service a set of memories at specific locations.

Live image of Facebook Places in action –

Facebook Place Live
Facebook Place Live

Facebook Places Logo –

Facebook places logo
Facebook places logo

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Facebook Stats info graphic

A Great info graphic for Facebook stats, showing many interesting metics about the Facebook user base.

Facebook infographic
Facebook infographic

How people sign into Social Media

Identity management company Janrain has released a study showing how people sign into various social media platforms, I find this interesting because it shows the power Google still holds over other platforms as a preferred place to sign into platforms. the data from the study can be viewed below. This is not new information for me as the top term on search engines for the last year has been Facebook related searches specifically log in query’s. This data is highlighted by Facebook searches each day as shown by Wordtracker.

Facebook login (search per day) 400,000+
Facebook log in (search per day) 35,500+
Facebook login page (search per day) 14500+
Facebook unblock (search per day) 6000+
my Facebook login (search per day) 5000+

Graph by Jenrain
Graph by Jenrain

New Twitter Tweet Buttons

twitter button new

So a few days ago our friends down at Twitter added new Tweet me buttons for people to add to their blogs and websites. Twitter is playing catch up with this one with the now dead Google Buzz and Facebook having these types of buttons for months. Services like Tweetmeme which were getting crazy traffic from making their own types of these buttons are now effectively out of business which is kind of sad.

I have added the new twitter buttons to this blog, the best way to add these is to add the code yourself becuase you can also add Twitter accounts to suggested followers, I noticed you can not do this with most wordpress plug ins offered for this specific new button.
Follow this link to add the new buttons –

Happy tweeting =)

Facebook to reach 1.3 billion in revenue for 2010

Facebook earnings
I just saw a new eMarketer report showing that latest research will give Facebook over 1.3 Billion in the 2010
financial year for revenue. It is quite good becuase for the 2009 period the company made around 665 million in revenues. So they have doubled their revenue for YOY, Myspace on the other hand which was once a social media
superstar making serious cash form Google ad deals and CPC/CPC/ Display ad deals has taken a dive from over
400 million in ad revenue for 2009 to around 350 million in 2010 it is quite alarming that the company which once
boasted hundred of millions of users now is on the slide. But it is evident from these earnings that Facebook is the
overwhelming leader in this space.

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Hi and welcome to my new blog. The reason I created this blog is because I have been interested in SEO and Social media and basically any thing digital for the last 5 years, I have been employed by small agency’s, large agency’s and also on a personal level to assist with SEO and Social Media efforts and I have built my own network of websites from the ground up over the years. This blog will provide you with the latest information on any thing which I find interesting in the SEO and social media world or also any thing which is deemed important to me.

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