Charlie Sheen Gets back his Domain name

For any one who has been following the Charlie Sheen developments over the last few weeks, you be be well aware that Charlie Sheen is building a strong following via social media channels. He built 1 million followers on Twitter in 1 day, He is building strength via uStream and other website where thousands to […]

NAB Takes aim at CBA via Social Media!

So the NAB bank has recently been pushing alot of advertising material on offline media – TV/Print and online telling people to move from their current bank. This week I had some problems with Commonwealth bank, I needed to urgently send some money. Yet they had issues with their network so the whole Netbank was […]

SEO’s need to get more Social!

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Well Google has updated their algorithm to include a higher emphasis on Social websites. I have predicted this change to be coming for a long while and any one who has been working in both areas of social media and SEO like myself will have known how big the impact of social has been on […]

My SEO & Social Media predictions for 2011

Posted by on Dec 22, 2010 in SEO, Social Media | 3 Comments

So it seems every one has been posting these predictions for 2011 all over the internet I have seen a mass of posts on various SEO and Social Media websites I even have been bombarded with emails and newsletters with trends and predictions for 2011. So I have read most of them and now I […]


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Saw this very good use of social media to promote the new SAW 3D movie, they set up a fake photo booth and see the result below –

Top Buzz websites for brands in Australia

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Ever wondered what was the most buzziest channel for people mentioning your brand name online, well a recent study by the Digital Brand Index in australia has shown that Twitter is the number one most buzziest channel followed by whirlpool forums and then Over Clockers forums. these channels provide a huge number of brand mentions, […]

Don’t mess with Animals or Social Media will get you!

Don’t mess with Animals or Social Media will get you! Well I think most people are aware of the mean cat lady who last week put a poor innocent Kitty into a bin for no reason, I am not really a cat person, I am more of a dog person but still it makes my […]

Radian6 Social Media Monitoring Australia

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Radian6 Social Media Monitoring is one of the top tools in the market at the moment in Australia for social media monitoring. Along side market competitors like Nielson Buzz Metrics and Buzz Numbers, a race is taking place to be the top Social Media Monitoring software. What do you think is the top piece of […]

Election Day Australia Facebook Widget

So today is election day in Australia and Facebook have added a unique election day widget to every ones home pages, this is the first time I have seen such a thing on Facebook, it will be interesting to see how many people click submit on this widget by the end of today.

Real Time Marketing Coca Cola Village

Real time marketing at the coca-cola Village Very interesting video of how marketing is transforming by the use of real time technologies and Facebook. Great Facebook Places video HD –

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