Four Great SEO meme’s

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in SEO | One Comment

I have decided to find some great SEO memes SEO Meme – I’m aiming for number 1 rank on AltaVista SEO Meme – Our Flash site is already SEO friendly SEO Meme – $100 for SEO your links are in mandarin chinese SEO Meme – I want to be ranked first in a month and […]

Thank you card from SEO Client

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in SEO | No Comments

I have been doing SEO for a while, its sad when you loose a client or move on from a specific business but it is good to receive a thank you gift and even a card which shows you that you have made a different for a specific client. A recent thank you card a […]

Back to the business of SEO

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So I have been back in the country for a few days after my 2 month Europe holiday and I have already been on yet another plane to Brisbane to meet clients, the business of SEO does not stop. That been said over the last 2 months I have been taking things some what easy […]

Law Firm sues over competitor ranking via SEO for trademark!

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in SEO | 2 Comments

A very interesting case has hit the courts in Australia over a competitor outranking another competitor for a trademark term in the law firm space, the full article can be read here: The case runs as follows: The lawyer in question runs an affiliate website which acts as a referral base for other law […]

9 Reasons you have been doing Online Marketing for a long time!

Posted by on May 4, 2012 in SEO | No Comments

So this year I have been doing SEO and Online marketing for around 7-8 years, I know this is not a long time by the standards of Bruce Clay and Danny Sullivan who have been doing Internet Marketing for say 16-17 years. I have out a list of 9 reasons you know you have been […]

Some basic GEO ranking factors.

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I have decided to put up a short post on some basic GEO ranking factors: Was recently trawling over some of Matt Cutt’s Twitter posts (see below) and I noticed he recently posted saying IP address is a direct ranking factor. I have been using this as a point in a wider strategy for Server […]

How can small business compete with big business SEO?

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A question many small businesses ask is: How can we compete with large business in the search results? They have huge teams, Huge budgets and far more time! An Answer for Small businesses: You have to be smart with how you do your SEO, you need to do keyword research at an advanced level, you […]

Have reached “SEO Guru” Status on SEOmoz – James Norquay

So after working very hard on the SEOmoz website for the last few years, writing detailed blog posts such as my post on Advanced Keyword Research for example, helping out with 100’s of questions in the PRO Q&A section, providing free SEO help for the many thousand users on the website and also commenting and […]

Australian SEO companies cover cars in branding!

Posted by on Feb 24, 2012 in SEO | One Comment

Gone of the days of buying display media, re-marketing and PPC ads to promote your SEO company, Australian SEO companies in the Brisbane SEO market are looking for news ways to advertise their SEO services. This has resulted in companies branding cards to let the general public know they are offering SEO services! Dejan & […]

Annoying emails from “SEO” Spammers?

Posted by on Feb 24, 2012 in SEO | No Comments

Who has been getting annoying SEO emails from spammers recently, I seem to get around 15 of these a day to some of my email accounts, quite annoying to say the least. Example of the email spam below:

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